37 Car Mayhem

My Helmet Design Laguna Seca

Well, the 24 Heures du Fun just rolled around for this weeks action (3 class racing at Laguna Seca) and I started the evening by deciding which car to choose. Tried the Skippy and the Solstice and decided to be non-conformist and return to the Solstice (I love the car).

Big Mistake.

Starting 8th in a 37 car grid with the slowest car out there (bar two other crazy racers) was not the best idea, and I lost count of the cars passing me on lap one…. on the left, on the right, even through the center at times! ;)

It felt like I was passed by 100 unique cars, but still lots of fun – until one of the many wrecks caught me out and finished my race.

Still, I had to capture some footage – it’s not like this is an occurance that is likely to be repeated anytime soon.

Race Results (37 entrants! iRacing members only!)

New Solstice Paintscheme Sep 08

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