2008 Season 4 – Review

My Helmet Design

Season 4 is done and dusted and now is the time to look back on the pre-season goals and see what was stacked up. Looking back three months, the goals for the season were :

  1. Finish Skippy series with more than 800 points
  2. Get a win in the Skippy (my first?)
  3. Compete in at least eight racing weeks with the Late Model
  4. Finish season with an iRating of 2500 or more
  5. Achieve a C 4.99 rating in both road and oval disciplines

I don’t think I aimed low with those goals and I think that’s proven when I consider that althought I achieved them all, some were by very narrow margins!

I did well in the Skip Barber series, finishing with 933 points, but only took two wins. I only just managed eight racing weeks in the Late Model, taking my last race there in week 12 (the final opportunity). My iRating was generally safe at over 3000 and actually increased over the course of the season, and finally the C 4.99′s were only really safe following the recent iRacing calculation change (to make it easier).

Skip Barber Race Series – Season 4
My Skip Barber RT2000
This was my primary series and I knew from the beginning that it would be more difficult that the Advanced Solstice series in season 3. Mainly because the talent pool in the Skip Barber is so much larger. I generally had good races (apart from the nightmares at Summit Jefferson) and I was able to race every week apart from Lime Rock Park which I purposely avoided.

I still managed to pick up two wins, and learnt some amazing courses (VIRGE being a masterful track, disappointed it’s dropped next season).

I knew I wasn’t going to challenge for the division as I was bracketed in division 1, and I managed to finish 36th out of 151, and 51st overall (out of 1811).

Skip Barber Race Series – Season 4 Results

iRacing Late Model Tour – Season 4

I was very eager to race in a full time oval series but fell someway short during season 4. I struggled to develop my own setups due to knowledge and available time, and had to make do with borrowed setups a lot of the time. I still enjoyed the races but generally they were quite forgettable.

I finished 25th in division 3 (out of 139) and 185/1715 overall.

iRacing Late Model Tour – Season 4 Results

In addition to these two series I dabbled in the Silverado series, completing four official races. Fantastic racing there, really enjoyed the races.

Season 3 Charts

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