My next 12 weeks of iRacing (or my first full season…)

My Helmet Design

This season I am planning on concentrating on the Advanced Solstice series as my primary series. I really enjoyed driving the rookie car over the last four weeks and the prospect of a full 12 week schedule with more variation of tracks and basic setup options is really appealing to me.

This means that each week whatever iRacing time I have spare will be spent with the Advanced Solstice, learning the tracks and setting up the car. Sunday – Wednesday will typically be spent in the practice and time trial sessions, so that I can become competitive and consistent. Then, from Thursday – Saturday I will typically go in for the qualifying and race sessions.

During weeks when I can go through this process quickly (such as if its a track I already know, or a setup I have already made) I might have some time to dabble in some of the other series. When this happens I will look to compete in the Skip Barber and Mazdas (but only on tracks I already own and know well). I’ll also like to have a few races in the rookie legends car as I miss the oval racing I used to do a few years back.

I think the first chance of racing the Skippy is going to be next week (week 3) when the series moves to Summit Point. The Advanced Solstice series is at Laguna so I should be competitive from the get-go, and I know Summit Point fairly well too, so hopefully next week will see a few races from me in both categories. It’ll also be the first time I can see the division I’ve been allocated too as well which should be interesting.

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