A look to the future iRacing Pro Series….

iRacing have published the early details of their top tier racing series, the Pro series and the Drivers World Championship.

All this stuff is a bit confusing at first but after a few attempts it all makes sense.

Basically there are going to be two tiers at the very top, the first tier (the “Pro” series) will be open to the top 250 racers in iRacing, and the tier above that (the “Drivers World Championship”) will feature only the top 50. Only the Drivers World Championship will feature the single race event every fortnight (a true ‘one and done’ series).

It seems like it’ll be a really interesting development to the iRacing competition structure and hopefully they’ll get some live broadcasting technology implemented sooner rather than later (they’re aiming for 2010 but I hope they can have something in place for the start of the Pro series in August 2009).

As it stands today I have a reasonable chance at making the Pro series for the road discipline, as I am ranked around ~160. I’ll never get into the World Championship series but I’ll be delighted to make the Pro.

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