Week 9 – Trucks back to Phoenix for the second time

Chevy Silverado Race Results

My Chevy Silverado Phoenix International Raceway

Given the sorry state of my shifter (which Logitech appear to be willing to replace) the only options to race at the moment are ovals and so I joined a race at Phoenix this week. I had a great result here earlier in the season (133 points).

This race was a bit tougher. I had the same sort of pace as before but a stronger grid had me racing for 9th – 10th for the majority of the race. My pit stall was in a bit of a tricky spot in pit lane and I managed to make a fantastic error and overshoot the box entirely!

Still, the race was good and I was doing a good job of saving tyres until late in the run when I could use them up to take spots.

I even thought I was going to finish the race incident free until I picked up my mandatory 4x hit on the very last lap from a wreck ahead that I couldn’t slow down enough for. The fact it was on the last lap really hurt my result so I only finished 10th for just 63 points.

This hurts my chances at finishing second in my division but there are still three more racing weeks to try and improve. Back to Bristol next week…

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