Week 10 – Worst Truck Race Ever!

Chevy Silverado Race Results

My Chevy Silverado

Ouch… just had my worst oval race ever. I really excelled at Bristol and picked up 16 incidents, in a total of 4x car contacts.

3 of them by the same guy who, judging by his recent Bristol races, scores 20+ incidents per race! Man, I’m used to picking up a 4x here and there when it’s ‘not my fault’ but this race was a new record that I wasn’t interested in claiming.

Here’s my therapy/frustration venting video :

Annoyingly the last hit spun me round with just 7 to go while I was battling for 3rd. In then end I nursed the broken truck home for 7th. I want to forget this race! It has also eroded my stable 4.99 oval safety rating, taking it down to 4.54.

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