Week 4 review – Skippy Fun!

My Helmet Design Lime Rock Park

As previously posted I had my Solstice race early this week, so that left more time to practice using the Skippy, at Lime Rock Park. I had a few practice sessions and picked up a setup from the net (I didn’t really have time to develop my own). I found the car reasonably drivable, but there are a few corners at LRP that require absolute commitment and so lapping there is quite a stressful endeavor.

I joined four races all told, and it was a mix of good and bad results. Mainly the problem was my own doing in that I found it difficult to drive 31 laps without mistake each time. It wasn’t a question of overdriving really, because even when I pulled my effort back to 90% lapping I would still have mistakes that would cause a spin or two!

The driving was clean and fair and there were a few close battles in the races. I had two disaster races where I finished way down the order (9th & 10th) and two decent races where I finished in the top half (5th) and gained safety rating and iRating.

I think it was possibly a bad combination for me to get used to the Skippy but it didn’t discourage me too much. I’ll try it again later in the season if they race at Laguna Seca.

As for the Advanced Solstice series, my 92 points for week 4 was an OK result but a little short on the 100 point average I want to keep. I guess I did OK with the time trials, gaining 91 points from a 59.918 average. I think I’d like to keep a 90+ average for the time trials. As I said in my previous post, I didn’t especially like the combination of the Solstice @ Jefferson so I’m glad to move onto week 5 where we go to the main Summit Point Raceway track.

Skip Barber RT2000

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