The switch to triple wide

The last significant iRacing build saw a new feature appear in the release notes. The ’3 render’ mode. What this means is that it is now possible to configure the iRacing client to split the view into three equal sized portions, each with a different angle and view of the world. This is a big improvement from the previous three screen approach which just had a single (very wide) camera view spanning across three monitors.

When I first saw the videos of the mode in action I was very impressed – you can angle the side monitors at any (sensible) angle and the simulation will render the geometrically correct viewpoint for the monitor size and angle. This results in the monitors behaving like true ‘windows’ into the virtual world – a very immersive experience!

I made a short video to show the effect. It was taken adhoc in poor lighting conditions but should still serve as an indicator to this excellent feature.

By the way, ignore the movement of the virtual steering wheel in the video – the replay is from an old iRacing build and so the wacky steering movements are greatly exaggerated!

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