A Masterclass On Race Starts…

It’s that time of year again when iRacing deploy their quarterly build. I can’t speak highly enough about this latest build, and this weeks events have been pure fun for me.

The build saw the addition of some welcome features such as vast camera controls (now offering a high degree of customisation), new graphical effects (such as skidmarks, smoke and dust), hosted racing (so people can basically pick and choose combinations of car and track, and then go race them) and a whole bunch of other small but notable improvements.

With it being week 13 (the traditional ‘off’ week at the end of each season) the majority of racing is done in unofficial races, featuring unusual combinations. The fact that there are less series offered in week 13 also means drivers tend to group together more closely, so it’s really cool seeing hundreds of members all joining the same race (which then gets split off into competitive grids via matchmaking).

One of the combos this season features three car classes at Laguna Seca and I’ve been having a blast racing there, pegging down the laps and kicking up dirt to block my rivals visibility (not intentionally, I must add!)

Of course, being an ‘unofficial’ week means people tend to switch off mentally just a little bit (I’m including myself in that group!). Check out this have-a-go hero who tries to win the race in the first 200m. This ambitious start really humoured me…. :)

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