Celtic Crash Out Of The World Cup!

In a closely fought competition, Club Celtic were beaten in the regional finals of iRacing’s first annual World Cup by the winning club England. France took a distant third place in the final standings.

We took a narrow lead after the second of the four events, but some poor results in the final two races saw us lose out with 101 points to Englands 139.

I had a great race in my race (I raced in one of the four events) and set a new high watermark for a points finish – 205 points for a third place finish.

My Best Ever Race! (iRacing members only!)

It’s a shame to lose out on making the final but it was a pleasure to take part and it was surprising how competitive it got when the stakes were so high! The World Cup final will be held next Saturday between England and six other clubs who will all register five drivers to share the track and duke it out all at once. Winner takes all! The race will be broadcast so I’m looking forward to watching and seeing it all unfold.

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