Pro Series 2010 changes

iRacing recently announced some changes for the upcoming 2010 Pro series. The main change sees the number of eligible racers expand from 250 to 350.

I think this is a great move – last season we had 250 eligible racers but routinely had less than 50 of them racing each week. It was nowhere near as busy as it should have been. Hopefully the increased driver pool, plus the interest in the Drivers World Championship (the ultimate end goal of the Pro series qualifiers) should mean the 2010 Pro series is better populated.

Another main change is the number of qualifying positions available. Now that we have 50 drivers who have progressed to the Drivers World Championship we will see only the top 20 Pro series finishers progressing to the big league (and not the same 50 berths of the inaugural season).

The long 2010 Pro season gets under way at the start of next season, which takes place during May. I’m currently ranked in somewhere in the top 90 so it’s looking very likely that I’ll be racing in the next Pro series.

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