Great racing at Summit Short…

My Helmet Design Summit Point Raceway

Had a great race tonight at Summit Short. It was in the final day of the 13th Week Rookie Solstice series and I got into the very first (00:00GMT) race of the day. Starting positions were awarded based on iRating alone, and I was lucky to get #1.

Now that engine damage is in I certainly don’t risk taking the final turn in third gear any more (as it’s bouncing off the rev limiter and an unsafe downshift) so I was quite a bit slower than before, a good second or so.

I had a poor start but kept first as Chip Disharoon outbraked himself into turn one. I knew he would eventually come back through the field and be a threat and sure enough, around lap 12 or so he was on my tail. 13 laps to fend him off would prove to be quite the challenge…

After several laps of pressure, and some exciting passing attempts, Chip was able to execute a great pass and take the lead on lap 20 of 25. The final laps were great fun as we battled to the finish, tucking in and out of slower lapped traffic as we raced for the chequered flag.

All in all, a great race (one of my most memorable), and some good highlights as a result. Watch the clip towards the end when three lapped cars all take to the dirt due to a mistake, and all join the racetrack in single file, as Chip and I zip past – exciting stuff!

Race Results (iRacing members only!) 13th Week Fun Solstice @ Summit from Samiad on Vimeo.

New Solstice Paintscheme Sep 08

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