“You Shall Not Pass!”

Just had a pretty entertaining battle with a driver in the Star Mazda at Laguna Seca (during the Intel GP series that is running during week 13).

I caught up to him swiftly during a practice session and set about trying to pressure a pass, or to try and force a mistake. Taking advantage of it being a practice session, I drove more aggressively than I would during a race. It was a lot of fun setting up runs (faking moves right then diving to the left) but I was quite surprised by some of the dubious defending I saw. His repertoire included :

  • Weaving to break the tow
  • Blocking/multiple lane changes (I go inside, he blocks the inside, I move outside, he blocks outside)
  • Chopping me off when I have pulled level on the inside (spotter had called out)
  • Finally colliding with me when I had the inside line

Now with it being an open practice session I didn’t mind the manner of the driving as I had fun attempting the moves but after the collision he actually started insulting me! Now I realise I was driving somewhat aggressively but the only reason I was driving in that manner was purely down to the extent of the blocking – I was having a fun battle (also, I would not try a pass at turn 6 in a race!).

Had it been an official race I would almost certainly have protested any one of a number on his moves, (e.g. the clear blocking, to name but one).

Am I wrong? Was the defending acceptable? Feel free to post your thoughts in the YouTube clip.

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