loses my racing vids… (and then recovers them…)

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Unfortunately (the video hosting site I use for my iRacing videos) has relaunched as GotGame and it appears they haven’t ported their previous gaming videos over. Nice of them to tell us all!

Long and short of it is that all my previous hosted vids at GameVee have now ‘disappeared’ from my posts.

I use Vimeo & GameVee and I would have put money on Vimeo being the first to take my racing vids down, but what do I know!?

In the future I’ll have to use Youtube along with Vimeo…. lower quality, but hopefully more reliable.

EDIT (20/11) – And they’re back! Phew!! Must have been a server blip or something…

EDIT (01/03) – Aaaaand they’re gone…. for good. All of the posts prior to this will no longer have the videos embedded, so might look a bit odd. Oh well!

One Response to “ loses my racing vids… (and then recovers them…)”

  1. Eric Thorn says:

    Glad to here the vids are back. I’ve really enjoyed your blog Sam, keep it coming. Give us an update about VIR and Summit!