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Saloon cars on a short oval…

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

24HdF Race Results (iRacing members only!)

This race was too much fun to not make a blog post about. This weeks 24 Heures du Fun was an unusual pair up of the VW Jetta at South Boston. With a fixed setup (for road racing!) the entire field was incredibly close, with mere tenths separating the fastest from the slowest.

In this race I led the field of 18 cars to take the green and enjoyed 50 amazing racing laps with my fellow competitors. Lots of side by side racing that went on for 4+ laps at a time, and some really cool passes on the outside.

This is a short highlight reel of some of the side by side action.

Cool VW Jetta TDi Cup video…

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

The VW Jetta TDi Cup is the newest car to arrive in iRacing. It’s a 170hp, FWD automatic that offers extremely tight and competitive racing. As this video shows!

The Late Model Is A Great Road Car…

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

This weeks 24 Heures du Fun was a combination of the late model at Virginia International Raceway – full layout.

It proved to be a fantastic mixup, and once a decent road going setup was found the late model comes to life on road courses. VIR is a great track in any car, but the late model just felt so awesome here – it definitely is a car that needs more road racing matchups in future 24HdF events.

I uploaded a small video of the start of the first race of the day :