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Week 1 – Here we go again…

Monday, November 10th, 2008
My Helmet Design Infineon

So here we go again, another new season, and a new outlook to racing. The oval crowd is going crazy over the trucks at Daytona (simply awesome from the practice sessions I’ve tried), and the general participation seems much higher. More entrants for all available sessions and generally a better vibe around the community, which is great.

I spent the first part of the week getting reacquainted with the Skip Barber. I want to create my own setups so first I had some reading to do. This time we get basic ride height and rear anti-roll bar adjustment to deal with. Oddly, we lose some wheel settings (caster, camber, toe) from the Solstice, but at least it makes it easy to setup the car.

Once I read up on the settings they seem pretty straightforward. There is not a huge difference in the setup, and each click in one setting or other is a tiny handling change. I’ve found the ARB is a big adjustor, along with tyre pressures. Ride height is a more subtle, but welcome setup parameter.

When I started entering races I had a blast! Infineon is a really great track, varied and interesting with a wonderful flow. I had a few good results and one peach of a result, which I edited and fraps’d.

Race Results (iRacing members only!)

iRacing Week 1 – Skippy @ Infineon Long from Samiad on Vimeo.

I had a good start and made it up to 4th early on. Then I had a really intense sequence of laps behind a slightly slower car that I just could not pass. I was making sure to not slip up, so was possibly holding something in reserve but I was faster EVERYWHERE on the track apart from the two major passing areas! Eventually the leaders dropped or spun out and I found myself in a battle for the win. Finally a solid pass was made and I took my first Skippy win, and took my highest points haul to boot (167 points!). My best iRacing race yet!

I have two videos this week, this one is a small collection of random highlights from my races this week (passes, spins, etc).

To round off the week I did pop into some late model races at the tail end of the week but I was hampered by running the default setup (which isn’t great) so I just had two pretty boring races, for 73 points each. I really want to learn how to setup a late model soon….

My Skip Barber RT2000