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2010 iRacing Pro Series entry confirmed

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

The promotions for the Pro licence holders have taken place and thankfully I’ve retained my Pro licence for 2010 by being in the top 300 of eligible racers (93rd at the last count).

I actively took part in the inaugural Pro series in 2009 mainly because it was the first season in something special, and was a lot of fun. There are some changes this time around that make the 2010 season slightly different. Firstly, the car will be the newest car in the iRacing fleet, the Ford Falcon V8 supercar. Secondly the season structure is slightly different, with races taking place every second week.

I probably won’t participate as actively as I did last season but with the allure of the new vehicle and a schedule that’s easier to commit to I will probably show up for a number of events.

Pro Series 2010 changes

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

iRacing recently announced some changes for the upcoming 2010 Pro series. The main change sees the number of eligible racers expand from 250 to 350.

I think this is a great move – last season we had 250 eligible racers but routinely had less than 50 of them racing each week. It was nowhere near as busy as it should have been. Hopefully the increased driver pool, plus the interest in the Drivers World Championship (the ultimate end goal of the Pro series qualifiers) should mean the 2010 Pro series is better populated.

Another main change is the number of qualifying positions available. Now that we have 50 drivers who have progressed to the Drivers World Championship we will see only the top 20 Pro series finishers progressing to the big league (and not the same 50 berths of the inaugural season).

The long 2010 Pro season gets under way at the start of next season, which takes place during May. I’m currently ranked in somewhere in the top 90 so it’s looking very likely that I’ll be racing in the next Pro series. Road Pro Series Season Review

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

The inaugural Road Pro series has come to a close (for me at least, no more racing this week) and here are some final reflections on how my season went. I posted some initial views in a separate post here so here are some final thoughts on what was a very memorable series.

It was quite a hard, long endeavour and it required some commitment to continue to join races where I knew I was racing for the back of the grid. I can scarcely remember more than a handful of overtaking moves (by myself) in the whole season! Most of the time I was racing for good clean finishes, and tried to reap as many points as I could.

Another goal for me was to complete the full season, and after missing quite a few races in the first half I really had to stay commited and attend as many races in the second half. In the end I raced in 20 of the 25 racing weeks (where the top 19 weeks count) therefore I had one dropped week (dropping a nightmare result at Infineon where I scored just 8 points).

So my final series standings were 58th place with 1671 points.

I catalogued my series results below and you can see that as a consequence of finishing in the bottom half each race my iRating generally declined (375 iR units over the season). Now that the Pro series is over and done with I can make arrangements to build it back to its previous value, and try to once again qualify for the next Pro series! Road Pro Series

iR Change
Daytona Road DNS - -
VIR Full 9/16 119 +6
Sebring International DNS - -
Laguna Seca 10/19 127 +10
Watkins Glen Boot 14/19 70 -32
Barber Full 16/24 86 -18
Road America Full 14/19 70 -28
Road Atlanta Full 11/17 92 -13
Lime Rock Park Full DNS - -
Infineon 30/31 8 -79
Silverstone GP 27/31 34 -54
Homestead Road B 13/18 74 -23
Laguna Seca 15/31 142 +28
Atlanta Road 20/21 13 -66
    11/20 122 +14
Summit Point Full 14/19 71 -25
Daytona Road DNS - -
Lowes Road Course 11/15 77 -16
Homestead Road A 13/22 113 +7
Sebring International 19/23 50 -35
Watkins Glen Boot 19/25 67 -26
Road Atlanta Full 13/22 114 +9
VIR Full DNS - -
Silverstone GP 21/27 64 -24
Infineon Long 19/25 69 -20
Road America 11/17 110 +10

(red = dropped)