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Manic action in the Rookie Legends

Monday, September 15th, 2008
My Helmet Design South Boston

Every few weeks I get the desire to run an oval race and when I do I dip into a Rookie Legends race for some immediate fast action. I like this series because I don’t have any setups for the other series and don’t race ovals enough to devote time to craft them. I love the fixed setup, immediacy of the Rookie Legends!

The races are always dangerously close and fast paced, and a fifteen minute race can be pretty exhilarating!

Last night I popped on for a race at South Boston and experienced some of the most hardcore, pedal to the metal driving in iRacing yet. I finished fourth in a competitive grid (set a new PB of 18.0), here is the footage of the final few laps.

I had a run on at one point but my run put us three wide into the turn, so I used my sensible hat and backed out of the pass.

I did have an unfortunate moment about midway through the race – I was racing closely with a rival and was surprised to see the dreaded “Contact 0x” on my screen….and then see it go to “Contact 0x -> 2x” and finally “Contact 2x -> 4x”. I was hopeful I hadn’t been the primary cause of the incident and felt somewhat appeased when I saw my replay, at the end of the race.

I figure some lag must have come into play and the server projected my path into his path and nudged him off. I hope it didn’t look deliberate on his end….

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