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Week 7 – A Week To Forget…

Sunday, December 28th, 2008
My Helmet Design Summit Point Raceway

My poor season continues with some dreadful racing at Summit Point Jefferson. It seemed to be mission impossible to get through these races without collecting incidents. Just when I thought I would get through a race incident free, I’d just a nudge to my gearbox and a 4x. I kept going back though, trying to run a good race, but the end of it was a big chunk off my iRating and SR stats for the week.

5 races, 24 incidents and an average of 69 points.

My Skip Barber RT2000

Week 12 – Finishing on a high…

Friday, October 24th, 2008
My Helmet Design Summit Point Raceway

The last race of the Solstice season took us back to Summit Point for the last time, and back to the Jefferson layout. I had been busy most of the week so the only chance I had to race (or at least join a race with more than a couple of racers) was Friday evening.

I joined the 10:30pm race (with 21 other racers) and was gridded on pole. Pole being very important at this circuit as there is really only one serious overtaking place out of the measly seven corners of the layout.

I had an OK start, leading the pack into turn one, but the grid was competitive and we formed a front pack of four cars that were lapping very closely. For whatever reason I simply could not get back to my usual pace, and was generally lapping around four tenths off my anticipated pace. I couldn’t build anything close to a comfortable lead, and the opening laps were intense!

Luckily, the lack of overtaking areas on the circuit meant I only had to defend one corner lap after lap, and this was the form until roughly the halfway point of the race when the second and third place cars had a collision, leaving me to defend the lead with a more comfortable four second gap to the new second place runner.

The race carried on to form, and the remaining battle was between me and my left front tyre, which had taken some punishment and caused me some anguish… luckily it held on!

So the final result was the straight flush – pole converted into a win (sadly no fastest lap, but zero incidents), and a handsome total of 137 points for the week. The result also popped me up a whole two spots in the standings from 9th (where I expected to finish) up to 7th (currently!)

Race Results (iRacing members only!)

iRacing Solstice Week 12 – Summit Point Jefferson from Samiad on Vimeo.

New Solstice Paintscheme Sep 08

59.458 seconds of Summit Point Jefferson

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008
My Helmet Design Summit Point Raceway

The Solstice series is concluding at Summit Point Jefferson. I quite like this circuit over a single lap, but racing there is a bit repetitive (the laps turn around too quick!)

This is my qualifying lap for the week, a 59.458 (probably around 5/10ths off the ultimate pace, but good enough for me!)

iRacing Solstice @ Jefferson quali hotlap from Samiad on Vimeo.

New Solstice Paintscheme Sep 08