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Had enough of my G25 shifter!

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Finally bit the bullet and decided to do something about my failing G25 shifter (the shifter that is too sensitive to shifting and usually drops two gears when I want one, or sometimes upshifts on a downshift).

Contacted Logitech support to see what they’ll do, as I can’t race reliably as the moment. Fingers crossed!

Week 7 – Trucks @ Lowe’s (for the second time in 09 Season 1)

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Chevy Silverado Race Results

My Chevy Silverado

The Chevy Silverado (Truck) series returned to Lowe’s, which was good as it meant I already had a setup made from earlier in the season. I joined a three race split and was rated 7th of the 15th entrants (decent SOF then!)

I took my usual approach of keeping out of trouble whilst still trying to hang onto the lead pack (e.g. I took two tyres on an early stop for track position which worked well) and generally the race was going OK. I still picked up the inevitable 4x incident points from a spin in front of me but luckily it was a ‘ghost’ hit, i.e. I didn’t hit the car so my car wasn’t damaged. Still took a 4x though :(

My broken sequential shifter reared its ugly head on a restart near the end of the race – accelerating from 1st my truck immediately shifted into 3rd. Obviously that screwed my progress and I almost caused a huge crash behind me (luckily we all managed OK). Gonna have to seriously think about sorting this out, it’s affecting a lot of races now….

I also had a potential disaster in pit road. I was on the outside/fast pit lane line and there was a car immediately inside me. My pit box was approaching and I thought all cars in the pitlane were ghosts (i.e. you can drive through them) so I turned into him, to try and line up with my pit crew. Completely unexpectedly I nudged his rear quarter panel which took me by surprise! Minor damage, but could have been much much worse. Not sure I understand how the pit lane ghost cars actually work after this incident, can’t make any assumptions I guess.

Race was going well at the end, and I was holding on for a 4th place finish. Inside the last 20 laps things started getting very tight and aggressive and there was a moment when we were getting 3-wide. I was the bottom car so hugged the apron as much as possible but looped my truck exiting turn 4. Luckily no damage or yellow but I pottered home for a 5th place finish, which is my best Lowe’s result to date. 112 points.

Amazingly I find myself in a very strong position in division 3. Currently holding second position, and that is with one or two poor results in my season which I am hoping to improve upon in weeks 8 – 12. I might be looking good for a second place finish in my division this season :)

Week 7 – Star Mazda @ Silverstone

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Star Mazda Race Results

I had quite an eventful race at Silverstone this week. Despite a fair amount of practice beforehand I was really quite slow and generally propped up the timing tables at most sessions I attended. I joined a race session that had two splits (11 drivers each) and I was sent to the top split.

I was gridded 10th of 11 (and that was only because the guy in 11th didn’t set a quali time!) and just assumed I’d be in for a hefty loss on the iRating and points for the week. I was kind of expecting to get about 15 points for coming in last which would have really hurt my season :(

Once the race got underway there was mayhem throughout the first few laps. So many cars spinning (including myself) and I soon found myself in 5th place with some much faster guys behind me. The race generally followed the pattern of ‘fast guy catches me and lunges into a very risky pass on me. Fast guys drives off into the distance. Fast guy spins (again) and restarts behind me’.

Unfortunately I picked up a phantom 4x when I was chasing someone and hit a lag patch… not what I needed when I already had incidents earlier in the race.

In the end I was able to finish 5th, actually gaining 8 iRating units and scoring 117 points. Considering how slow I actually was it was a massive success, even allowing for the pile of incidents I picked up!