Week 5 – The Excellent Lowe’s Road Course

My Helmet Design

This week the Skip Barber series is at the excellent Lowe’s road course, last driven (by me) at the 13th week Solstice challenge. It’s an excellent course that allows heavy drafting all the way around the oval section. It can be frustrating too – pulling out a second over a rival in the infield is usually nullified by the slipstream effect on the back stretch.

I managed to get three races in, and generally enjoyed all of them. I think I discovered a new bogey corner – turn 5 – I really struggled with it as the car arrives with the suspension and weight so loaded that there is really no room for any error or microcorrection that you might need to use.

I finished the week generally improving my points tally in each of the three races. 112 points average for this week.

Here are some highlights from the races.

Due to lack of free time I couldn’t run any other series this week so missed out on the late model at Irwindale :(

My Skip Barber RT2000

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