This weeks 24 Heures du Fun

My Helmet Design Laguna Seca

This weeks 24 Heures du Fun looks like it’s going to be excellent – 46 car fields at Laguna Seca, and mixed class racing! The Legends, Skip Barber RT2000 and Solstice are going to be on the track all at the same time for an unknown number of laps.

I’m definitely going to try and get into the first race session seeing as that might be the easiest one to get a large grid. I can’t imagine how crowded the track will be with (potentially) 46 cars on it. I hope to see a good split of drivers choosing all three cars.

I would initially choose the Skip Barber but maybe not, as most people will probably do so. Instead I might go back to the Solstice but I fear that it’ll not have many other cars to race.

Decisions, decisions……

Advanced LegendMy SolsticeMy Skip Barber RT2000

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