Pro series arrives at Barber

Pro Series Race Results (iRacing members only!)

Racing in the Pro series has been a humbling experience for me (but an expected one). Instead of finishing in the top 25% (which is where I usually finished – not at the cutting edge, but usually in the second pack of racers) now I find myself racing to not finish last.

That’s fine, as I still enjoy the races. If there is someone battling with me the race just flies by, and if I’m lapping alone then I challenge myself to lap at 100% effort with the aim of netting up the laptimes within 0.2 – 0.3 tenths of a second apart.

However there is something else to consider when starting races from the very back – you have to drive turn 1 completely different to a ‘normal’ race. Most races featuring large grids have pileups on lap one, and you have to drive cautiously just waiting for them to happen. Sometimes, I’ll drive as cautiously as I can, and I’ll still get into a crash (just see my recent race at Laguna)

This week I did a little better, and managed to work through the mayhem at the start without incident. The only problem was that I was held up for SO long, that any chance of a close battle was completely dead and buried.

I finished 16th of 24 for 86 points. This week I rose six positions in the standings, from 87th to 81st. I wish more of the 250 would race!

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