Getting up to date with some new content

It’s been a while since I recapped on some new iRacing content (so much so that I can’t attempt to recap all the new stuff) but this past week has seen three absolutely exceptional items appear at

First up is the Corvette C6.R – a powerful GT1 race car with 590 HP (from a wonderful sounding V8 engine). I haven’t had much time in this new car as of right now, but looking forward to checking it out when time affords:

Next up is Mosport International Raceway, 2.459 miles of sweeping crests and flowing turns. I haven’t seen the track before but can see it has a unique presence and a variety of extremely challening corners. About as far removed from a modern F1 style track as it gets. So many corners are off camber or across hill terrain such that every lap is an adventure.

Finally the jewel in the crown of content is the fantastic Dallara Indycar. With a long running Indycar rumour surrounding iRacing for the longest time, it was great to finally hear that they were about to partner up with the Indycar series and officially release licensed versions of the Dallara Indycar and Indy Lights vehicles towards the end of 2009.

Only the Indycar is available currently (with the Indy Lights to follow) and the car has blown me away. It drives fantastically well with so much grip and speed, and a huge amount of tuning options in the garage. It comes with all the different aero packages (e.g. the road package versus the oval aero configuration) and a portion of the in car adjustments (ARB, weight jacker and brake bias).

The car is so much fun to drive on ovals as well as road courses, and with the season 4 schedule featuring a 8/4 split between road and oval it’s definitely going to be one of my main series in season 4.

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