Pro Series Update

Just two more weeks to go until the standings for the Pro standings are finalised. The Pro licence is a licence given to 250 drivers (for each category, road & oval) based on a qualification criteria that is 70% based on finishing results (and therefore outright speed), and 30% based on car safety (rewarding safe driving).

We’ve been getting weekly updates for the last few weeks and I’m currently sitting in the 90-120 range for the road licence. Large movement changes are possible (people regularly jump/drop > 100 places every week) but barring any huge mistakes I *should* be able to finish in the top 250, in time for the first Pro series starting August 2009.

There’ll only be three Pro races every week so it sounds like it’ll be fairly close to a league atmosphere, which I’m looking forward to participating in. I’m sure a sizable number of the 250 will either (a) not have an iRacing subscription any more, or (b) have no interest in Pro series, but even so I’d hope at least 150 people will actively participate in the series. With such a limited schedule of three races I secretely hoping for packed grids for each race…. fingers crossed!

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