Pro series is GO!

Week one of the Pro series finished up last week and it’s really good to have got the series up and running. Since my last post there were a few last minute changes (now 4 scheduled race times instead of 3 and a new grid allocation algorithm) but otherwise we are now locked into the 25 event racing season.

At the final standings I was ranked 119 / 250 so picked up my Pro licence (thankfully!). I missed the first weeks action owed to moving house but if things go to plan I will be taking part from this week onwards. The schedule means I will usually be in the race that kicks off at 23:00GMT Sunday night (i.e. the last race of the week). Given that my raw pace sees me in the bottom 10% of the 250 Pro racers I’ll probably be losing iRating and scoring low each week but I’ll be giving it a fair crack if only to be part of something cool like this.

I’m not sure how many of the 250 will actually compete in all racing weeks, but secretly I’m hoping to finish in the top 150. Progress updates to follow!

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