22 months and some numbers

I’ll shortly be coming up to my second year anniversary in iRacing and here are some random figures that I’ve accumulated in that time.

  1. I’ve raced in 233 events, taking wins in just 9% of the races (22).
  2. I’ve squared off against 1,600 fellow competitors (including some notable real world racers) and managed to accumulate more points than 72% of the racers I’ve faced (1,154 drivers).
  3. I’ve notched up 451 incidents in official races since I joined in June 2008 with the worst showing being the 19 incidents I picked up in three hours of battling in the iRacing Daytona 500 World Tour event. This represents an average of 1.93 per race (across both road and oval disciplines).
  4. My incident safety record is in better shape than 79% of the drivers I’ve faced.

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