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Samiad Photography

Thanks for visiting my photography gallery. If you have the time, please leave some comments on my photos - all comments/criticism are welcome.

If you are here for motorsport photography please click here to view the gallery.

Enjoy your stay and please come back again soon.

Samiad Digital Photography
Photos from: United Kingdom, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, United States and Italy

This is my main gallery, containing images that I have taken with my Canon SLR cameras.

The majority of these images contain GPS links to the shooting location, viewable in Google Earth.

Gallery by Sam Hazim
(54 photos)

Some random photos:
Ac img 1442 Brains Brewery Ladysmith Kimberley New York City, 2004 Norwegian Church Venetian Clock Tower


Cardiff City, an Urban Walkabout

A selection of photos taken in my hometown. Some locations are landmarks, others are eye-sores. But every image offers an insight into this fantastic city.

Every image (where possible) has the exact satellite location embedded, and viewable using Google Earth. See the photo description page for ...

Gallery by Sam Hazim
(20 photos)

6 latest photos:
Olympic Rings of Cardiff Destroyed Hotel Capitol High Street Shopping Arcade Memorial Excellent Assembly

Canon G2 Gallery
Photos from: Spain and United Kingdom

Before I owned a DSLR camera, I used to take photos with a Canon G2 (my first camera). Although I no longer use the G2, I keep this gallery visible in its own seperate area.

Gallery by Sam Hazim
(31 photos)

6 most popular photos (hits per day since launched):
Jack Bauer Street Reflections The Ghost By The Stadium Contemplation Chinese Gooseberry Spring Garden


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Latest news:

New Website Launched
Jul 01, 2006

I'm happy to open a new website/gallery specifically aimed at motorsports photography. Rather than fill up my portfolio galleries with motorsports action I have created a dedicated area - click here for further details.

Server Move
Jun 28, 2006

My gallery has been transitioned to a new host - please let me know if you encounter any broken links or anything out of place - thanks!

Canon 5D
May 12, 2006

I've recently purchased a Canon 5D to replace the trusty 10D. The 5D has proven to be a fantastic camera, and I also bought the 24-105mm Canon lens to go with it, as they seem to be a perfect combination for each other. Look for new full frame images soon!

New Gallery Launched
May 07, 2006

I have created a new gallery where I plan to display all my urban photography from around my hometown. I've also made all shooting locations visible in Google Earth if you are also local to this area.

Photo locations now viewable from satellite!
Jan 02, 2006

From today (where possible), every photo added to the gallery will also contain a link to the exact location of where it was taken, viewable in Google Earth. I will also be going through the gallery and adding links retroactively.

If you see an image and would like to see a satellite photo of where it is, and you also have Google Earth installed, then click the link at the bottom of the photo description and it should load up Google Earth. It will also rotate the view to the exact shooting angle that was used.

(currently 91 photos online)

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