Week 4 – Skippy @ Lime Rock?

My Helmet Design Infineon

This week had the Skip Barber series racing at Lime Rock Park, and after a bit of thought I decided that I would pass on this weeks action. It’s not that I really hate the track – more that I really hate lapping it again and again for long periods of time. The same corners come around every 60 seconds and it becomes such a chore!

Instead I took the opportunity to look to the C licenced series of the trucks and mazdas (have to get four races in each car during this season to get promoted to B licence).

First up is a cool race I had in the Star Mazda at Infineon Long. I made the first mistake of jumping into a qualifying session without a lot of time on the setup that I had loaded and soon found that this should never, ever be done! A bad setup in the Mazda can be pretty lethal!

I soon got to a consistent, if slow, pace and went into a strong race field. Had a really good race through the field and had a memorable battle for what was effectively sixth place. This is a video of some of the action – it’s a bit long but nevermind.

Race Results (iRacing members only!)

iRacing Star Mazda – Battle @ Infineon Long from Samiad on Vimeo.

The rest of the race was spent defending my position so the race had a nice two sided feel to it.

On the oval side I had a blast racing at trucks at Bristol – such an awesome track. Pitting strategy is really welcome and livens up racing nicely, plus there weren’t too many yellows either. I also raced the late model at Milwaukee which was a good combination too – took 97 points home, which is a nice bump over what I usually get.

Next week we have the Skip Barber car at Lowe’s full road course – can’t wait for that!

Star Mazda

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