Pro Week 10 – DNF!

Pro Series Race Results (iRacing members only!)

After having a pretty good start to the inaugural Pro series, I scored my first DNF this week at Infineon Long.

It was quite disappointed as I had unusually good pace here – from checking the laptimes of some of the other Pro races I had a reasonable chance of scoring 150+ points, which would have been a tremendous result.

As it was, I took damage towards the end of lap 2 from a car that had spun out and rejoined the track haphazardly (tagging at least four cars in his race to get back on the racing surface).

It was just a tap, but it was enough to break the alignment, and I had to park it. Only a 0x contact though, so there was some small positive.

Just the 8 points this week then (my third lowest tally since I started iRacing). I’m currently stationed 79th out of the 154 racers currently scored.

We return to Infineon Long for the penultimate race of the series, in week 24.

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