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Week 2 – Getting Lost at VIR Full

Thursday, November 20th, 2008
My Helmet Design VIR

Bit late with this (well, last) weeks update, but I had an interesting week – as I mentioned previously VIR is a completely new track for me so I had to spend a lot of time learning the course before taking to the track. In the end I was able to manage a handful of races, and all were pretty good.

I was soundly beat in my first race however, as I was really unlucky to be put in a field where just about everyone was running 2:11′s…. that was a pretty brutal introduction to VIR. I finished 9 of 12, in a race where seemingly no-one made a mistake.

Eventually I ran more races, generally improved my pace (dipped into the 2:12′s on occasion) and netted some solid top half finishes and will take 101 points into week 3.

Here’s a collection of highlights from this weeks racing…nothing special. In the first clip I made the legendary mistake of using the guy in front as my braking point….I brake at the correct point, notice he’s going far deeper into turn one, mistakingly think that I can go a bit further so I come off the brakes, and yes, I end up following him off the track…. nice!

Additionally I managed to reach an SR of C 4.99, which was one of my preseason goals…. keeping it is another story altogether….

My Skip Barber RT2000

Learning VIR…

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008
My Helmet Design VIR

Week 2 of the Skip Barber series has required me to make a concerted effort to learning VIR (the full layout). I have been looking forward to, and regretting this for some time!

I actually like this track though, it feels so natural, and about as far removed from a flat oval as you can possibly imagine. At over two minutes a lap it doesn’t get boring, and to be honest, there are only a few corners that require any serious care and attention…

That said, I am trying to improve my laptimes here as it’s lacking currently. The top reference times are mid 2:10′s and I am some ways off with mid 2:13′s. Abstracting out where I expect to be relative to the aliens I am looking at a personal best pace of around 2:12, so that is my focus and goal.

I don’t think I’ll get there this week, so hopefully next time around I’ll be able to shave off the tenths and see a 2:12…

Cool Skippy Race

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

My Helmet Design

Some fun Skippy action!

Clean start, 2nd lap battle from patrick spence on Vimeo.