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Week 5 round up

Monday, March 9th, 2009

I missed out a weeks race reports (including my first oval win via Trucks @ Vegas!) but I’m back with some week 5 news. My shifter is still just about holding up which is just as well as I don’t know what I’d replace it with if it completely broke.

Star Mazda Race Results

Laguna Seca

The Mazda series was at Laguna Seca (I love the track!) so I really enjoyed this race. Only 11 racers in total but a huge strength of field (over 3800!).

It was a tough race though; I started 7th and spent the majority of the race with someone snapping at my heels, waiting for a mistake. I did well to keep my composure but made a huge error under braking with 2 to go and missed a braking mark, leading to a self spin. I recovered and held on for a 7th place finish, and 96 points. The opposition were just too strong.

Chevy Silverado Race Results

My Chevy Silverado

I was a bit hesitant about racing at Bristol as my last two races here were very mixed. The first race saw me collect 16 incident points and quit early, the second saw me achieve a clean race (0x). I joined the race and we had a full grid of 20 cars! It was going to be mayhem….

And it was – lots of yellow flags and I was doing really well to avoid getting any incidents as I worked my way through the wrecked cars. Late in the race I did manage to get caught in someones wreck and had to reset :(

Towards the end of the race with 20 to go I took four new tyres when the rest of the front runners gambled on keeping their old rubber…. the gamble paid off and I finished third after restarting 6th. I might have been able to steal a win if the race had carried on a few more laps.

The good result sees me move into third place in my division (3). I definitely won’t challenge for the division but could be in with a shout for a podium placing if I keep up my good form!

Skip Barber Race Results

I really love the Lowe’s road course and especially love racing the Skip Barber here. I had two great races involving some really tight racing back and forth down the main oval section. I was also pleased to make some sizable speed gains compared to last seasons visit. I raced twice and average 111 points for the week – a good result.

Next week the series goes to a new track (Sebring)… should be a nice new challenge!

Week 9 – Return to Laguna Seca

Monday, January 5th, 2009
My Helmet Design Laguna Seca The Milwaukee Mile

Had a decent result at Laguna Seca this week, which is good as I really love the track (it’s still listed as my most raced track in iRacing). I don’t seem to be as slow as I am at other tracks and so I am a bit more competitive here than most places. Add to that the fact that I don’t need a heap of laps to acclimatise myself to the circuit each time and generally I have some fun every time this track comes around.

In the end I was able to claim a 3rd place for 123 points which was a good result in retrospect. It was a pretty good race with some consistent lapping, and I was pretty pleased with the way I lapped with other cars on the track. Instead of overdriving when a faster car was behind me I kept my composure and didn’t do anything crazy when they swarmed behind me. It was certainly good to have a safe race following the recent disasters at Summit Point Jefferson!

I had planned to do a few races but unfortunately other commitments meant it was just the single race for me.

I did find time to sample this weeks 24 Heures du Fun which was 27 SK Modifieds at Milwaukee…. it was the first time I had driven this excellent car and the racing was excellent. It was a really good match of car and circuit and I soldiered through to a top five finish. I’ll definitely try to race more in the SK.

Week 9 Skip Barber Race Results (iRacing members only!)

24 Heures du Fun Race Results (iRacing members only!)

My Skip Barber RT2000SK Modified

37 Car Mayhem

Saturday, December 13th, 2008
My Helmet Design Laguna Seca

Well, the 24 Heures du Fun just rolled around for this weeks action (3 class racing at Laguna Seca) and I started the evening by deciding which car to choose. Tried the Skippy and the Solstice and decided to be non-conformist and return to the Solstice (I love the car).

Big Mistake.

Starting 8th in a 37 car grid with the slowest car out there (bar two other crazy racers) was not the best idea, and I lost count of the cars passing me on lap one…. on the left, on the right, even through the center at times! ;)

It felt like I was passed by 100 unique cars, but still lots of fun – until one of the many wrecks caught me out and finished my race.

Still, I had to capture some footage – it’s not like this is an occurance that is likely to be repeated anytime soon.

Race Results (37 entrants! iRacing members only!)

New Solstice Paintscheme Sep 08