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Real Vs. Virtual – in video form!

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

After doing 8 collections of ‘Real Vs. Virtual’ track comparisons I felt it was a good time to showcase them in video form. It seems to be a far better way of viewing the comparisons, having the images merge into one another.

They have been arranged into two collections. Series #1 features Indianapolis, Mosport, Infineon and Barber. Series #2 covers Road Atlanta, Brands Hatch, Zandvoort and Phillip Island.

Look for more video comparisons in future weeks & months!

Racing Rivals – competitive stat tracking in iRacing

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Racing Rivals is a new application for iRacing members that allows racers to easily pull up historical comparisons with every driver they have raced in the iRacing service.

A lot of times when racing I felt it would be really good to be able to pull up a racing history with a particular driver – e.g. I might have a great race with someone but not recognise the name – have we enjoyed great races in the past? Or, perhaps I’ll have a scuffle with an overexuberant driver and so I’d like to see how our previous encounters fared – have we had aggressive encounters in the past? How can I find this out?

Racing Rivals can handle all this for you as it collects all your racing history into a lightweight application that can offer simple stat tracking of a number of areas. You can view the data in a simple leaderboard where you can see your top ‘rivals’, or you can search for a driver amongst the thousands in your history. Once found, you can view the stats between you to see who is getting the upperhand and from there you can pull up all your racing encounters (with quick and simple links back to the official results).

No doubt one day iRacing will offer this kind of rival/comparison features inside the main member site but until then, enjoy Racing Rivals.

More information (download locations and installation instructions) can be found here.

Real Vs. Virtuals at Phillip Island

Friday, May 7th, 2010
iRacing bring Phillip Island to their racing service

iRacing bring Phillip Island to their racing service

Another round in the ‘Real Vs. Virtual’ series, this time at the latest iRacing track, Phillip Island.

Check out the series here and you can also see the previous sets in the series by clicking here.