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First World Tour Events of 2012!

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

About to get speared by a wayward Solstice

2012 iRacing Roar Before The 2.4 Results (iRacing members only!)

The iRacing World Tour once again features in 2012 and the first event was the ‘Roar Before The 2.4′, a one hour race at the Daytona International Speedway. The event saw a 60 minute multiclass event where the VW Jetta TDi, Mazda MX5 and Pontiac Solstice shared the track to compete in three separate class races.

I was very much a Solstice racer in my early days in iRacing (~2008) so welcomed the chance to race it again in a main ‘marquee’ event such as the World Tour so the choice of car was very easy for me.

A total of 787 racers took part in the Roar and my race session had 11 race splits (I was in the second split). A full race list of 41 cars took part in my race, with 9 Solstices (including me) – not bad for an entry list.

Unfortunately my race was severely affected by a collision on lap 2, just a few minutes into the 60 minute race. At the bus stop a fellow Solstice driver behind me lost control of his car, cut the bus stop chicane and speared into the side of my car leaving me with no chance to avoid their out of control vehicle.

Annoyingly that had me limp to the pits and repair my car, costing me several minutes of track time and put me a lap down. The rest of my race was reasonably uneventful as I just put the laps away and only gained positions when Solstice drivers ahead either crashed or blew up their engines! I was still pleased to make it back to 4th place out of the 9 racers in my class.

Started : 5th of 9 Solstice, 37th of 41 overall
Finished : 4th of 9 Solstice, 27th of 41 overall. 1 laps down, 106 points (6 incident points)
iRating : -6
Safety Rating : A/4.68 (-0.18)

2012 iRacing 2.4 Hours of Daytona Race Results (iRacing members only!)

The disappointment continued the next day with the weekends main event – the iRacing 2.4 Hours of Daytona. This main event has a chequered past for me. In 2010 (the first year of running) the event was not multiclass and generally was a big success. 2011 turned out to be a disappointment after not making it to the chequered flag. This year was unfortunately another disappointment but surprisingly (to me) it wasn’t due to it being multiclass, or me getting wrecked. The problem was hardware related.

1094 racers registered and formed 26(!) race splits. I was doing really well in split 6, having worked my way up to second by lap 11, only for my PC to lock up and blue screen! By the time I had restarted the PC I was mired in the back, around 30th place with a very long amount of racing left to do. I couldn’t really muster the enthusiasm for another solitary race just hoping to gain positions from the retirees so I called it a night and quit the race.

Started : 7th of 42
Finished : 42nd (last!) 81 laps down, 2 points (4 incident points)
iRating : -143 (believe this to be a record loss)
Safety Rating : A/4.40 (-0.22)

Here’s hoping the 2013 event improves on these results (it would be hard not to!). The next World Tour event is the fabled iRacing Daytona 500 on 25th February 2012.

How to go from first -> last inside 10 seconds…

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Facing left to navigate a right hander

For the first time since 2008 (when I raced in the Advanced Solstice) I am in the hunt for an overall series win in iRacing. Racing in the multiclass Grand Touring Cup series I have been racing the MX5 against the often faster Jetta cars and have been picking up some good results which has me in a very strong shape for a top three finish when the season finishes in a month or so.

So it was with regret that a vital Silverstone race during week 9 resulted in a messy lap 3 wreck that saw my position tumble from the class pole position all the way down to 13th in my class (20th overall), and firmly last.

Realising that the Jetta drivers always have a powerful launch against the under-powered MX5 cars I tried to signal my intent to take the inside line for the first right hander at Silverstone (directing faster Jettas to pass on my left) but it seems this wasn’t received by the Jetta behind, as he put us three wide going into a fast turn 1. A moment later, another car clipped my rear quarter panel sending me into a spin and out into the weeds.

I was seeing red as I had been looking at a strong win (I was on class pole, and had a clear pace advantage over the second place runner) so with a tight grip on my wheel I set about seeing how far I could catch up. After half a lap of frantic driving I was surprised to see that the class leader hadn’t been able to scutter into the distance (the erratic Jettas around him had seen to that) and I was only around five seconds back, albeit with several hard racing cars in between.

I did my best to dice through the field and eventually fought my way to second place, on lap 4 of 19. I was five seconds back, and around 1-2 tenths faster per lap than the leader. It would be tough.

Racing hard, I had some success and managed to slowly claw my way back within two seconds with a few laps to go, but it was not to be as a rogue Jetta (one lap down and in 15th place no less) had caught up to me and started racing me (for no gain to his race as he was far far back from his next competitor). His wild moves and general disarray slowed my progress and allowed my race rival to trot into the distance uncontested in some nice clear air.

Had I been able to convert this mess into a win it would surely have been my greatest victory in iRacing, but as it was it remains just one interesting event and a reminder of what could have been.

Here’s a short race highlights clip of the initial spin and mission to get back through the field.

iRacing Grand Touring Cup race results (iRacing members only!)

A Slew of New iRacing Information

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Last week iRacing held an open day at their office, inviting members the chance to see where the majority of iRacing staff work and a rare insight into how the service is managed. The lucky visitors were treated to a great tour of the office and had the opportunity to sit with key iRacing staff as they discussed future developments on the horizon.

A huge quantity of media (both video and still photos) came out in the days following the open day and here is a selection of some of the footage that made it out.

Dave Kaemmer explains the highly anticipated tyre model

Video footage of the forthcoming tyre model in action

A general overview of the day with key insights from Dave Kaemmer & Ian Berwick, previews of the new shadow rendering methods and Spa track progress!

Race footage from the forthcoming F1 and MX5 vehicles

More footage from the Williams F1

Finally, an official iRacing preview video of the MX5 cup and roadster vehicles, arriving in time for season 4 (just a few weeks away)

Quite enough video footage for one post – season 4 can’t come soon enough!