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Week 7 – Star Mazda @ Silverstone

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Star Mazda Race Results

I had quite an eventful race at Silverstone this week. Despite a fair amount of practice beforehand I was really quite slow and generally propped up the timing tables at most sessions I attended. I joined a race session that had two splits (11 drivers each) and I was sent to the top split.

I was gridded 10th of 11 (and that was only because the guy in 11th didn’t set a quali time!) and just assumed I’d be in for a hefty loss on the iRating and points for the week. I was kind of expecting to get about 15 points for coming in last which would have really hurt my season :(

Once the race got underway there was mayhem throughout the first few laps. So many cars spinning (including myself) and I soon found myself in 5th place with some much faster guys behind me. The race generally followed the pattern of ‘fast guy catches me and lunges into a very risky pass on me. Fast guys drives off into the distance. Fast guy spins (again) and restarts behind me’.

Unfortunately I picked up a phantom 4x when I was chasing someone and hit a lag patch… not what I needed when I already had incidents earlier in the race.

In the end I was able to finish 5th, actually gaining 8 iRating units and scoring 117 points. Considering how slow I actually was it was a massive success, even allowing for the pile of incidents I picked up!