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Skippy action at VIR

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

This is an excellent video of some really good racing at VIR (great footwork camera too!).

I missed this weeks racing at VIR in the Skippy – I spent far too much time racing the Impala B at Watkins Glen (in the new fixed setup series).

Week 8 – A Break From iRacing

Sunday, December 28th, 2008
My Helmet Design VIR

Following last weeks bad experiences I gave iRacing a bit of a break this week. Early in the week I did some practicing at Virginia North and completed two races, one good and one bad (lap one crash and a self spin later on). Even the good race didn’t really make up for the last five or so poor races, so I didn’t make the effort to put in any more racing this week.

Some of this apathy is in part related to the fact that I am not really competing in a division this season – I’m far enough down the order to not be challenging for the championship and I don’t really know any of the names that I am actually competing with, so there is no real incentive to race, and no competitive edge to score highly.

I’m hoping next weeks racing at Laguna Seca will bring some renewed enthusiasm as I really like that track, plus I need to get that vital fourth race in the truck series (to qualify for the B licence for 2009) so I’m sure I’ll be back racing next week. Until then, here’s a quick clip of an unfortunate start to a race at VIR North…

My Skip Barber RT2000