About iRacing.com

iRacing is an online racing simulation service, offering members the chance to compete online in race events spanning a wide range of cars and tracks across the globe.

Races are scheduled every hour (for most of the car series on offer) and members have the opportunity to participate at times that suit them. There is no commitment to make a certain race, you can just pick and choose your level of participation as you see fit.

The simulation offers very realistic representations of real world cars across a number of separate disciplines (e.g. NASCAR vehicles, open wheelers, tin tops) but the real jewel in the service is the laser scanned tracks. Each track in the service features every bump and crack of the real world counterpart, as well as capturing vital camber details that can be easily missed with other track building techniques. The end result is something that is exceptionally impressive and very rewarding to drive!

The other appealing aspect of iRacing.com is that it is a continually evolving service. Every three months members can expect to receive software updates that add improvements to the sim, or new features altogether. Every update is an eagerly anticipated event and the sim is continually expanding/improving.

Find out more information from the iRacing.com public site at http://www.iracing.com or alternatively check Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IRacing

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