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Pro Week 5 – Being Graciously Slow…

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Pro Series Race Results (iRacing members only!)

This weeks Pro race was at Watkins Glen (my first official race there). I put in a ton of practice but could not get anywhere near the real pace I needed. It’s a 100 second lap, so I’d expect to be two or three seconds off the top pace, so I was pretty humbled when I found myself almost five seconds back per lap!

I qualified with the slowest time in the whole Pro series and seriously considered sitting this week out. (why risk a messy crash when you are guaranteed to score few points and lose up to 100 iRating units?) In the end I realised that the main thing is just to take part and try to feature in as many Pro events as possible.

In the end I had a pretty good race. Got in a really great race long battle with Adam Haufrect who was faster, and I finished 14th of 19 for 70 points and zero incidents (lost a little iR though, but that’s OK, my rating is inflated anyway). A pretty fantastic result. I was really pleased with my consistency – after the early laps I settled into a good even pace around 3 seconds behind Adam and reeled off this set of race laps (probably the most consistent I’ve ever been).

1 01:49.863
2 01:46.117
3 01:45.907
4 01:45.343
5 01:45.034
6 01:45.661
7 01:45.827
8 01:46.284
9 01:44.394
10 01:44.976
11 01:44.469
12 01:44.779
13 01:44.651
14 01:44.372
15 01:44.255
16 01:44.732
17 01:44.485
18 01:44.432
19 01:44.576
20 01:44.446
21 01:44.508
22 01:44.298
23 01:44.486
24 01:44.300
25 01:44.406
26 01:44.223 fastest lap
27 01:44.347
28 01:44.591
29 01:44.366
30 01:44.522

I hope I’ll be more competitive in future weeks. Currently I’m sitting 87th in the series standings.

A Bag of New Content, including Watkins Glen

Thursday, November 27th, 2008
My Helmet Design

Watkins Glen arrived last night and of course, it was a must buy track. I was pretty amazed by how good it actually is really – previous attempts at this track have nothing on this new version. There is a massive amount of camber on the majority of the corners (which is the biggest difference I’ve noticed) and the elevation changes are so much fun to drive.

I’m really looking forward to racing here on Saturday with the Radicals, in the new 24 Heures Du Fun series.

At the same time I bought some remaining cars and tracks that I had been holding off for a while. Now I have the SK Modified and Silver Crown cars (love them both; the SK moreso) and some remaining tracks (Atlanta, Richmond amongst others)

For the rest of the week I was going to practice the Mazda at Infineon Long, but now I think I might just spend some time with the Radical @ The Glen to prepare for the fun races at the weekend!