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The Odyssey makes a memorable debut at Zandvoort

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010
No quarter is given through the tight turns of Zandvoort

No quarter is given through the tight turns of Zandvoort

Oval Road Odyssey – Zandvoort GP (iRacing members only!)

The penultimate venue in season two of the Oval Road Odyssey league (‘ORO’) took us to the newest track in iRacing’s library, Zandvoort. I had never driven the circuit before (in any sim), and my only experience with the track was when I did the last batch of ‘Real Or Virtual?’ comparison images (available here).

The race was a cracker – another exciting race in the late models, and one to remember! I had a very good starting position with second on the grid but soon lost that advantage as I tumbled down the order to 13th place due to yet another turn one incident (having a bad run of luck in that regard lately).

The scene was set for a spirited fight back, and over the 16 laps I was able to salvage a decent result (not as good as I’d hoped, but OK nonetheless).

As usual, the highlight reel follows!

iRacing release Zandvoort circuit

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Circuit Park Zandvoort

Circuit Park Zandvoort

iRacing released their latest track today, Circuit Park Zandvoort.

To mark the occasion I produced another in my series of ‘Real Vs. Virtual’ photo comparisons, using Zandvoort as the reference photography this time.

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